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Looking to enhance gains?

Now’s the time to grow into a new routine and quit relying solely on supplements and toys! The truth about penis enhancements is it takes effort; And that’s okay! How long do you think you have to use a penis pump while measuring pressures and risking blood vessels? Let’s take a more natural look at penis growth, no ingredients you can’t identify or risky sudden health concerns.

The Roosting cock penile performance oil is a blend of Thirteen transdermal performance enhancing ingredients, designed to soak directly into the pores of the penis and activating: androgen producing hormones, regenerative cell growth activity, and increased blood flow. Oily residue? No worries it’s meant to soak in and actively penetrate into the skin making your shaft supple and plump you can even spread it on if you don’t have time to jelq, just let the natural vasodilating traits increase your blood flow through the day.

What is Jelqing?

It is a technique used to stretch and strengthen the penis much like hanging weights or pumping, check out our blog for info, including dietary changes and various methods and practices.

How does Roosting cock penile performance oil work?

Our ingredients have long been used in eastern medicine and even western aromatherapy. When applied the oil immediately penetrates the pores and supplies the organ with a surge of nutrients meant to stimulate blood flow and cell regrowth, allowing for the organ to heal during the exercise. As it remains on the shaft it soaks deeper and fills the exterior skin like any other moisturizer. It also works as an aromatherapy treatment with a calming effect that can allow the muscles to relax and allow the user to maintain poise and confidence.

Our blend of oils may be new but the ingredients themselves have been a major ingredient in thousands of products and have been used since ancient times. We have scoured the industry and reached out to the most highly graded respected companies to source our oils because we truly believe you shouldn’t put anything on your body that isn’t safe to put inside, our customers choice and trust are of the utmost importance to us.

60-day money back guarantee!

So what’s in it?

The components of our base oil include olive, almond, and sesame oil, all known for their various benefits to the male organ including increasing suppleness, blood flow herbal-tea-herbs-tee-mint-159203.jpegand the ability of the particles of oil to break apart and absorb directly into the penis

Our Patented blend of essential oils and extracts includes: Lemongrass known for working as a vasodilator improving blood flow, clary sage which inhibits prolactin a hormone that damages blood vessels allowing your member to remain strong and virile. Roosting cock penile performance oil was developed to activate at the cellular level providing direct changes to the hormonal responses in your system while also reducing cortisol, free radical activity, and damage to cellular tissue. American Ginseng and holy basil extract for their well know aphrodisiac traits  and their ability to protect organs and tissues against physical stress from prolonged physical exertion(wink, wink). Also  Sandalwood essential oil as it’s known in eastern medicine for increasing sperm count in men, while additionally increasing the blood flow.
Roosting cock oil does not have any ingredients that are not derivatives of plants, that is why we know you will love our product, it is only male enhancement oil made specifically with natural oils. That means no petrol derivatives, no phthalates, and no artificial scents.

Each bottle of contains a full month supply of oil (based on a 4 days a week regimen) and is shipped discreetly, even the bottle itself is discreet, and the lady in your life will love it’s re purpose potential!

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