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6 Steps to Mastering Cunnilingus

We’ve talked before about how important intimacy and cunnilingus is for sexual and penile health so here are 6 tips to make you a master of cunnilingus.

1.Keep your tongue loose

You should never attempt sudden penetration with a women, sex always requires a tad of delicacy and lustful persuasion. This is most important when using your mouth, as the tongue is most pleasurable when it’s used for what it’s good for, navigating your meal. Your goal is to ease the tongue around the small crevices and more sensitive parts of the vagina, you don’t need to go straight for the clitoris as your breath can be a entirely different sensation on its own, trace the labia majora before the minor using your face as your tool of pleasure, you can use your nose to nudge the skin and lips to suck and during more heated moments grazing with your teeth can be highly effective as well. The key is the build up and to climax or to the delay, depending on your preference.

2. Focus

Performing a sexually selfless act like cunnilingus or fellatio requires mental and emotional prowess and one should be mindful in it’s execution, that is to say pay attention to how the person you are pleasing reacts and modify your approach when necessary. For starters the most important understanding is how to use your hands, as your not penetrating and instead pleasing you must use your hands in a way that pleases those sensitive untouched areas of your partner, while moving your hands to more comfortable and precise positions you should be acquainting yourself to the task in front of you: know that she’s watching you and use that performance value to excite her, arch your back and put your body where she can see her favorite parts, sometimes it’s nice to tug yourself while leisurely sipping from her vagina to show her what’s to come ( pun intended).

3. A to Z isn’t all that you need

The typical method most of us men learn is to draw the alphabet with the tip of your tongue, but I know personally I took that to heart with my first few attempts at cunnilingus. As I got more experience with face riding and the like I learned to eat more like it’s a pie eating contest and less like gerbil drinking water. The alphabet metaphor as I’ve come to understand is more of a reference to the variation and broad strokes, but you should be more attentive and look for the best places to suck, nibble, and tease your lover. Pay attention to her body and be attentive by starting slow and building your pace to the rate of her sensitivity and you’ll learn how to slow it down and tease her or rush her to an orgasm. The A to Z rule can easily be erased by using the advice under ‘Focus’, you have to react appropriately to her reactions and give her a display that will encourage the reaction that you want, this requires full awareness of your hands, motions of tongue, visual or audible cue; so it can greatly increase your pussy eating game if you can really get excited and invested in the opportunity then showing her with moaning and deep gazes.

4. Erogenous zones

This tip isn’t specifically just for eating out your lover but is especially important in this scenario, as you will be in the most private areas of your lovers body where few people get to touch. The inner thighs are great for light tickling and teasing with fingernails or teeth (eye contact is necessary with teeth so you can gauge the pain value and adjust) the outer thighs are better for pulling closer, anchoring and firm but not tight squeezing. It can be especially enticing to bring in the feet using your body to put pressure onto hers as if you were penetrating her with your face, and using your shoulders similar to your hips, this position makes a great example of checking the limitations of your hands and exploring her body as you perform on her. I think breast play can be especially appreciated as its unexpected and forces you to wrap your arms around her in a very intimate way.

5. Toy play

Though toy play is not essential to getting a woman off alongside oral sex it is often necessary after a long day of work or a time constraint of any sort, the great thing if it’s a long term lover though is your get to familiarize yourself with her toy box! When I was younger this was almost terrifying to me due to the common homophobia and intimidated by the idea of competition with a toy, this barrier can be difficult but necessary to grow more intimate with your lover and bring some extra fire to the bedroom. So get used to her collection and encourage her to let you use some on her, if you need to break the ice in the heat of the moment pull out something small that’s used for clitoral stimulation (just don’t over use it and make her numb) and get exploratory by paying attention to erogenous zones, including but not limited to the anus. If your all too nervous to use her veiny dildo though start off with a finger or two and use her favorite lube, but if she is wet enough the best way is to gently tease her open with the tip of your finger while also gradually lubricating your finger with her bodily liquids.

6. Let’s play in the mud

I couldn’t resist the title, but don’t turn away now your already head first and hopefully she’s clamping your head down with her thighs! If you have never talked about anal play with your lover it’s never too late, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you if you find it too nasty turn away now with the information above but if its a question never talked about maybe she’s hiding a fantasy or two that can make it much hotter in your bedroom. In my experience a little spreading of the anus can really make a woman climax hard and can sometimes be the catalyst for a pleasant squirt from her. Now if you have 0 experience at all with anal play I suggest your find a toy to use and test the waters with her in dialogue, and start of by pleasuring her anus unexpectedly by pressing against the sphincter with your fingerprint or even the skin between the vagina and the anus, tongue play cant be especially exciting in this way but that requires special preparation and you may end up embarrassing her if she didn’t clean up before hand. Now in stretching the anus you have to be ridiculously patient, anal play really does require delicacy and time, do not, absolutely DO NOT rush your lover to take more than they can handle. You should not hesitate to cease until later, as it can take time and any trauma caused can increase the likelihood of a host of issues. Above all I can say if you keep trying and it hurts your lover you should attempt the same act (toy or amount of fingers whatever causes the discomfort) on yourself before continuing your initiation of the act.

Please let us know if you learned anything useful or any tips or tricks for other readers to pick up from your end, because it requires effort to rise every day, and we all have an end goal after all.

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Do as the Rooster does.

Whether we like to admit it or not sex is more emotional than it is physical, even a one night stand is going to be remembered more by the circumstances than the sex itself. The one time you picked up a red head drinking jack and coke, the co-worker you chatted with at the last meeting, or the friend of a friends girlfriend. Penis enlargement and ed problems are the work of many components and confidence is a key component because how you feel is a part of how you and your body will react. Now you can’t change feelings but you can recognize things that put you in a better mindset. For instance when I know I’ll be meeting a women later I like to exercise a few hours before to make my muscles swollen and increase my mood. Things that are good for you increase your natural dopamine levels and when you’re in a good mood your effect on people you interact is not only more positive but you will leave a larger impression on them because of your positivity.

You don’t have to be picking up a hot date to practice this either, I always make a habit of finding something good to say to a woman that catches my eye just in case I get the chance to, you’ll be amazed at how effective this practice is at making you more appealing to women but also at making you a much more capable fashion advisor. When you go to a women to give her a compliment you should pay attention to the physical language your giving off and how she is receiving it, carry yourself proudly but with a softness that will make you approachable while giving simply gestures, a nod or a smile to acknowledge eye contact and a simple ‘you look lovely today.’ will go a long way but simply opening up and being more sociable with a simple hello can build yourself up. Never compliment a woman based solely on her body shape or how well fitting her clothes are, you can however highlight aspects of her outfit or compliment matching attire. A good practice is to notice little things about people you see everyday and look for the little changes, whether it’s an eyebrow shape or a haircut it will make people like you when you notice them.

The most important part of confidence is your self confidence; I know as well as any one how easy it is to beat yourself up over and over, getting stuck in that negative space and waiting for everything to pass, it’s a habit that is difficult to break but can be done with a bit of determination. Confidence is built like a wall and if you are starting with nothing you need to put a strong support in place to make sure your not building on sand, start by letting go of past mistakes and not beating yourself up over it, it’s been proven many times over that a positive action creates positive results, even incrementally it is tenfold as powerful as a negative result from a negative action. Try not to get bent out of shape next time someone dismisses you, cuts you off or makes a snide remark, even when someone is actively trying to thwart your efforts in one way or another it will be far more frustrating for them to see you walk on unscathed by their actions than it would be appealing to them to see your anger and visceral reaction, remember the positive outperforms negative everytime, and even if you can’t turn the other cheek don’t feel embarrassed or negative just take it as a lesson and continue your day, bring yourself back into a good vibe with light hearted song or podcast, or cat videos whatever you’re into.

Now I’m sure most of you have read through this thinking ‘none of this has to do with my bedroom problems’ or ‘I can’t go around flirting with women I’m in a relationship’. And though all of the points made above are important nothing hurts the ego quite as much a flaccid erection when the time comes to perform. I struggle with erectile dysfunction from time to time and have found the best way to resolve my issue is by performing cunninglingus while I let the little guy warm up. Sometimes a quick jelqing session before bed can help resolve the issue but nothing helps as much as making your lucky lady moan with only your tongue and feeling her thighs wrap around your head. Which can be quickly followed up with some flaccid sex: you don’t have to be full mast to play a part, or even more thrusting after ejaculation can add some flavor if your not worried about pregnancy.

I think that’s a great lead into the role of foreplay which is a major factor that gets pushed to the back much like most explorative sex, exploring the body of your lover and in turn encouraging her to do the same with kinky dialogue like ‘grab me harder’, ‘ bite my shoulder’ or ‘that feels so good’ can encourage strong reaction from you and your partner. Don’t be afraid or ashamed about your body and be open to showing your lover how they’re making you feel with your physical language and erotic sounds. You’ll find as the passion builds you’ll have a much stronger erection and hopefully you will find how appealing and kinky sex without the typical ejaculation can be.

In summary, like yourself, don’t burden yourself with negativity or you’ll push away the confidence you deserve. Be comfortable with your body and how you appear to other people, build confidence by building on your relationships. And when the worst case scenario occurs rely on intimacy to resolve the issue.

The Rooster

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The great thing about Roosting Cock oil.

Today I want to talk about the best method when using Roosting Cock oil because it really is a special serum.

Most products on the market for topical male enhancement are expected to be used specifically on the penis, and only for direct use before sex, mainly delay and thickening agents. Some products can be used for retained effect but have secretive formulas patented and renamed.

Though a rose by any other name would smell as sweet it’s just as well to know to call it rose.

Roosting cock oil is a blend of carrier oils, extracts, and essential oils; which were all hand picked for their desirable traits and the considerable amount of time they have been used for penis enlargement. Our ingredients aren’t made in a lab and labeled, they’ve been refined blended and utilized for the very reason we bring it to you now, they work! Many of the ingredients we use are provided as topical remedies to be applied in various regions of the pelvis to supply blood flow and increase hormone production for sperm count, but every ingredient serves a purpose for the main vein.

The lingering effect of Roosting Cock oil is a significant source of its value and can have great stress relieving and physical benefits when used in such a way that it can reach tender muscles and can increase stamina when applied effectively.

Have you ever had Groin Cheese?

You might prefer to call it a rash but it’s the same thing. To avoid embarrassment I like to think we’ve all had a  stinky crotch day and it’s not great unzipping and catching a whiff much less risking a urinal neighbor giving you the stink eye. But this issue can arise in a large range of men, sitting at a call center without air conditioning, marathon on a  humid day, or just too many dark souls sessions. Well what you may (or may not) be experiencing is something similar to a yeast infection, that is a bacterial skin rash. But if you read the main page thoroughly you would know by now Roosting Cock oil is anti bacterial and microbial! In order to have the best results resolving an infection in your groin is to clean thoroughly and allow it to air dry as well as you can, once dry you can apply Roosting Cock oil and allow it to soak into the tender areas, irritated areas may burn a bit and if it’s uncomfortable you shouldn’t put much but tap a little on with the tip of your finger and let it soak in. This will help balance your skin back to it’s normal bacterial environment.*

Now in practice it is highly recommended you use enough roosting cock oil to spread around the testicles, pelvic bone and even on lower back, as all those areas of the body play a role in supplying blood to your penis. This also stimulates and relaxes the muscles in case their performance is requested. One activity that isn’t spoken of much, but is a great practice for those of us who have endless difficulty with turtling, is to stretch the flaccid penis back into an appealing position. Now this is a practice one should take with caution but it’s a quick solution for situations you feel tense and can help when you have some anxious notions. When using this exercise motivate yourself and contend with the negativity with organic pleasurable thoughts that suit your current issue, whether its spousal, or a girl you’ve been going back and forth with.

The Rooster

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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PE and you: Cock stretching 101

Penile exercises have become more prominent as the internet age has matured, no longer are pills the primary source of hope for those of us who want an inch up on the competition. I’m sure most of you have seen all the devices and supplements and have tried a range of them. I myself have used penis pumps in my earliest efforts and I’ve had friends who would buy supplements like ‘extenze’ on a regular basis for years. Many people are even so bold as to try hanging weights, which honestly scares the bejesus out of me so I’d never consider. The truth is everyone finds their own answers and methods that work specifically for them, and those don’t have to work for everyone for it to be the correct method for that person. Personally I have seen great improvements with jelqing, and with much less effort than with pumping, it just fit into my schedule better I guess; I personally don’t like the extra equipment.

The most basic explanation of jelqing is the process of warming your genitals with a hot towel (not too hot) and then stretching the penis with two fingers wrapped firmly as comfortable, pulling from the base to the tip over the process of 4-8 seconds usually with 100 reps. Personally I time 8 sec. per pull with a 20-30 min time window rather than counting every rep, while you can use one hand during the whole routine it can cause bending in the penis, if this happens I would advise switching hands every few reps trying your best to keep the counts even. Most people who use this method recommend a 20-40% erection, but I personally will start completely flaccid ( sometimes even turtled) and allow the erection to fluctuate taking breaks if it ever becomes so stiff that it’s unnerving to squeeze it which I would estimate 60% erection. By performing this method I regained some lost girth and length due to aging. You’ll know it’s working much like you would after the gym, your penis will be a bit red and slightly sore but feel stronger hang longer and appear swollen. You don’t want bruising or bursted vessels so if at any point it begins to hurt you should take a rest until the pain subsides if it persists seeks medical attention.

Along with this typical exercise many jelqers use kegels to increase girth, many including myself alternate this with their jelqing reps or finishing a rep with a kegel once in a while. The key is to not over exert yourself, so know what a kegel is as it can be easy to mix up with other key muscles that can cause unnecessary strain. To identify a kegel for exactly the muscles it uses practice by stopping a your stream of urine mid-relief, this can cause an uncomfortable burning sensation but that will stop once you finish urinating in the mean time pay close attention to the muscles your using so you can recreate the sensation later. This is a great exercise in and out of bed, with practice you can completely stop an ejaculation using kegels and delay your orgasm for a good 10 minutes depending on what activities you are initiating, and the build up can create quite the fireworks.

This leads into another of my favorite exercises some refer to as edging. Long before I came across this exercise I studied kama sutra and tantric ideas of sex, and in masturbation would practice denying myself the orgasm, so when I discovered this exercise I was very excited to give it a try; again a very basic exercise where you bring yourself just to the point of orgasm then hold it in with a kegel. It takes a little practice to get the timing right but you’ll find even if you ejaculate a little you will still remain performance ready. In my experience deterring any ejaculate provides more stamina while just a little could push you over the limit. I regularly do this during sex sometimes tied into a change of positions to allow a better cool-off period and my wife loves it, and nothing builds your confidence more than knowing you can go that extra round. So keep this in mind next time your masturbating because you might as well get a little extra out of it if your already going to blow a load am I right?

Up until now we’ve covered the basics of Jelqing, kegels, and edging. Now I’d like to touch on something I’ve never quite practiced knowingly called dry jelqing. I’d like to compare it to the equivalent of tugging on your dick pre-coitus to maintain stimuli, but I’m sure practitioners would scoff at such a likening. But in short it is almost exactly as a typical jelq is done only with an 80% erection and gripping the skin rather than using a lubricant to glide along the shaft. Those who masturbate without lubricant will notice the similarities of these two activities. Dry Jelqing is toted for its stronger enhancement of girth versus wet jelqing, and has no requirements due to the lack of oils or tools.

I think that’s enough 101 for anybody who hasn’t yet delved into PE (or penis exercises) but I’d like to mention one subject that is very important to me as a sexual being, Semen quality. I don’t mean sperm count, but the taste quality as I’m all of us enjoy watching our partner enjoy our genitalia orally. There are a lot of supplements out there for those who find it difficult to maintain a high fruit diet, or consume a lot of protein or carbs for body building or marathons. There are some high quality supplements that will actually make your semen ‘sweet’ but I can say beyond a doubt the best way is a high fruit intake, as I personally have tested adding a few extra fruit cups to my daily consumption and tasted for myself the difference and it can make your semen sweet without any pills or questions of validity but that was a long time ago and being as busy as I am I scoured the ingredients lists of many of the semen sweetening supplements and I found one particular ingredient was in all of them: Bromelain, which is an enzyme extracted from the core of the pineapple fruit used to help digestive issues and joint complications, I myself even noticed the beneficial effect it had on my gout. But the main reason I bought it and continue to buy it is the excellent bitter canceling effect it has on your semen.

The Rooster

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